Bangface Presents The Junglist Book Featuring Ultrademon

It’s almost Bangface‘s birthday and they’ve got quite an event planned. This year, the party falls on the same date as the birth of Disney, the theme will be ‘The Junglist Book‘. According to the Bangface website, attendees should dress up as characters such as Mickey Acid Mouse, Bangbi, Spinderella, Peter Bang, Mary Poppin‘… you get the idea. 

Appearing at the bash is Ultrademon, the newest signing to The Playground RecordsAlbert Redwine, otherwise known as Ultrademon was once famed as ‘That guy that invented Seapunk‘, however with his debut LP put out on Aphex Twin‘s label and the release of his critically acclaimed album, ‘Voidic Charms’, he is now acknowledged as the creator of seriously well produced, hyperactive, glitchy, semi-apocalyptic electronic music.

The event will be held at Electrowerkz and will also see sets from KJ Sawka, Micky Finn, Technical Itch, Bailey Radium, Uncle Dugs, Duran Duran Duran, DJ Smurf, Beatwife, Gammy, Abba Gabba, Dave Skywalker, Saint Acid and The Bang Face Hard Crew


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