TP PODCAST #110: Trentemøller

Danish composer and multi-hyphenate producer Trentemøller is an undisputed icon in alternative music. Since the 90’s, he’s been essential in shaping the sound of the underground in all its shapes and forms, from post-punk and to electronica. Though often recognised most as an electronic musician, Trentemøller’s scope has never been limited to the club, and in recent years he’s moved increasingly more toward the alternative sound of his origins. Memoria, his latest album, is a chilling dive into darkwave and post-punk shoegaze, touching on the most shadow soaked corners of late 80’s and 90’s alt styles. We caught up with the artist shortly before he began the second leg of his current tour in support of Memoria, a tour which has pushed his creativity and musical genius to new heights, while also discussing his recent ‘Madchester’ remix of 2nd Blood’s Type 9000 which sees him return to the dancefloor once more. Listen below. 

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