Tourist – A Little Further

WIlliam Phillips, AKA Tourist, trades in emotions. The English producer is in the business of feelings, crafting sensory house music vistas designed to elicit and extract emotion from the listener, playing our heartstrings like a synthesiser. Few others in Phillips’ class of downtempo, lo-fi house semanticists share his deft skill set in balancing sentiment with the sensorial, crafting music that is about as ‘cry on the dancefloor as it can get.


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Phillips’s latest single, A Little Further, is another gem of emotive dance music. Playing on feelings of nostalgia and wanderlust, A Little Further opens with lo-fi, folky shoegaze. Ping ponging keys dart around like shooting stars, building the whole thing toward its inevitable overflow into a buzzing, euphoric, house banger. Acoustic guitar plucks and fragments of vocal samples keep everything at a slight, nostalgic distance, making A Little Further feel rewardingly triumphant.


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