Roundup, July #2

We roundup our picks for the must hear releases of the week. Listen to our selections below.



Troye Sivan – Rush

The anticipated new single from Australian pop sensation Troye Sivan is his outright danciest to date. An energetic piano led house banger, Rush risks sounding a touch too familiar at the sacrifice of Sivan’s usually poignant lyrics. Nonetheless, Rush pulses with the energy of the dancefloor at your local gay club, raising your heartbeat just enough for a good time. 


Tkay Maidza, Flume – Silent Assassin 

There’s nothing silent about Zimbabwean-Australian rapper Tkay Maidza’s latest single, which sees her tap Flume for production duties. Silent Assassin is a buzzing, bass heavy trap outing built around tense, razor sharp siren chords. If only this one lasted just a minute longer.


Yeule – dazies 

The new single from the glitch princess continues her exploration into alternative rock and 90’s soft-rock styles. dazies is a chugging grunge rock lullaby, underscored by layers upon layers of glitchy, electronic textures that create a turbulent underbelly for one of Yeule’s most tender yet violent outings to date. 


Genesis Owusu – Tied Up! 

The latest from ARIA Music Award winning Genesis Owusu is a deliciously snappy synth funk anthem. Over a steady four on the floor, funky Fender riffs mesh with wobbly synths as Owusu rap-sings about liberation. The whole thing is gloriously feel-good, a triumphant and optimistic little banger. 


DJ Seinfeld, Confidence Man – Now U Do

Now U Do is a slight change of pace for lo-fi house producer DJ Seinfeld. The track veers toward pulse quickening 90’s trance, with its buoyant bassline and quick hi-hat loop. In true Seinfeld fashion though, there’s a healthy touch of sentiment in the melancholic chord progression and dear diary lyrics.