The Young Punx Release Another Monster track ‘Drop it Hard’

The Young Punx comes at us with their fifth instalment for the year, following their promise to release a track per month. The song in question has been dubbed ‘Drop it Hard’ and drops Friday 10 May as part of their upcoming album set to release some time this year via MofoHifi Records.

Hal Ritson has made The Young Punx his passion project flip, turning and twisting genres till they no longer fit into any defining label. Organized chaos as it were but in the best possible way and proving that there really are no rules when it comes to creating art.

‘Drop it Hard’ is a smashing ‘80s style New Wave groove infused with a wicked auto-tune MC spitting swag all over the track. It punches hard and leaves you feeling like the coolest cat in the club. Sticking by The Young Punx prerogative to make every release a fresh burst of flavour incomparable to anything before or after it, ‘Drop it Hard’ stands alone in its own right next to the rollercoaster of sounds, genres and feelings The Young Punx have played with these last 5 months.

Watch the mini video for ‘Drop it Hard’ here.

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