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Tzusing – 绿帽 Green Hat

Speaking to Resident Advisor in 2017, Malaysian born producer Tzusing confessed, “I feel like I’m culturally appropriating my own culture because I don’t know it that well. It’s my background, but I’m getting it from [a] corny Hong Kong movie.” It’s the sort of sentiment that likely resonates with anyone

This week, there’s loads of variety on the menu, from happy hardcore to minimal and meditative downtempo. Take your pick! These are the tracks you need to hear.    Alison Goldfrapp – Love Invention For her debut solo album, dance music icon Alison Goldfrapp has been opting toward a euphoric,

When Björk began the process of creating Fossora, she decided that her tenth studio album would be her “mushroom album.” In recent interviews preceding the album’s release, the Icelandic singer-songwriter and composer kept pushing this concept forward, insisting that Fossora (the made up feminine form of the Latin word for

Björk refers to the music on her upcoming album Fossora as “biological techno”, a term that she and Gabber Modus Operandi coined for a sound Björk could only describe as “digging a hole in the ground… living with the moles and really grounding myself.” As with many post-2000s Björk releases,

Björk has released the music video for Atopos, the first single off her forthcoming album Fossora. Featuring a band of bass clarinets and propulsive bass production from Gabber Modus Operandi, Atopos is our first taste of what Björk has termed ‘biological techno.’ Watch below. Pre-order Fossora here.  Follow Björk Instagram

Indonesian experimental electronic duo Gabber Modus Operandi have cancelled their upcoming Canadian tour and all other activities following sexual violence allegations made against one of the duo’s members. The allegations came to light after the victim posted on Twitter on August 9th regarding the incident that happened sometime in 2019.

Before hyperpop was consecrated as a genre of itself, there was singeli. The hyperactive, breakneck club music born in the underground scene of Dar E Salam can be looked at as a sort of precursor to what hyperpop has done in the West. Years before 100 Gecs threw auto-tuned hooks

The dichotomy between PC Music and 100 Gecs’s respective styles of hyperpop is sort of bridged by umru. The Brooklyn based producer has always brought his American sensibilities to the otherwise UK informed PC Music collective; immediately bawdier, more in-your-face saturations of pop tropes than, say, A.G. Cook’s slightly more

Image: NON NON NON Electronic music has a long history of being the medium of choice for trans artists. From as far back as 1968 when Wendy Carlos played the works of Bach by way of a Moog synthesiser, there’s been something about the modulation of current into sound that

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