Single Review: The Upbeat Nostalgia Of Gentle Dom’s ‘I Miss Dancing In New York’

Gentle Dom | I Miss Dancing In New York | MGMT Records

Release Date: 17 January, 2021

In a surprise release by one-half of beloved indie duo MGMT, Andrew VanWyngarden – known for his solo music under the moniker Gentle Dom – has dropped a new track ‘I Miss Dancing In New York’ via his Soundcloud page.

The standout characteristic of the luminous, energetic track is most definitely the addition of funk and disco elements swirling in a psychedelic tandem amongst a lively mix of contemporary dance music.

The powerful pulsating heartbeat that drives ‘I Miss Dancing In New York’ flows effortlessly with rich, funky basslines and hard-hitting percussive beats. While we’ve never even travelled there before, this track, funnily enough, also makes us miss dancing in New York.

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Feature Image: Gentle Dom by Chiaki Nozu / WireImage