Single Review: The Rich, Sun-Kissed Electronica Of ‘NBD’ By Teen Daze

Teen Daze | NBD (single) | Reality Refresh 3 | Flora

Release Date: 4 September, 2020

‘Reality Refresh 3’ Release Date: October 2, 2020

Roll the windows down, and breathe in that cool ocean breeze…

For Jameson Isaak, otherwise known by his pseudonym Teen Daze: the art of working under a multitude of monikers over the years since his breakthrough debut as a pioneering chillwave, lo-fi artist in 2010 – is in itself a prominent aspect of what to expect from the ever-growing artist in each work he releases.

Furthering his career with a highly diligent attitude, with a plethora of musical endeavours and an incredibly rich catalogue of works – the stars the artist has earned is undoubtedly the perfect showcase of his ability to navigate the electronic music world with distinction. 

The British-Colombian musician and producer sculpts his craft in a manner that stays true to his signature style, yet with vivid, dynamic twists along the way: the multiple aliases in which he has embraced can be compared to his open-minded approach to experimentation when it comes to splicing genres, creating prismatic library of sound that evolves, blends and integrates everything from honeyed synth-pop, to atmospheric ambient soundscapes as well as luminous cuts ready for the dancefloor.

In his latest single release ‘NBD’, the artist continues with the lush relaxation of his ‘Reality Refresh’ series: with two EPs already seeing the light of day, ‘NBD’ is the first single from the third installment in the series, released via his own imprint Flora.

Doused in 80’s-inspired nostalgia, ‘NDB’ showcases Teen Daze’s ability to effortlessly drift between love-bitten electronica, to funk-laden pop complete with hefty basslines and an atmosphere that could only be best described as smooth and sun-kissed.

Isaak has always been a master of his own craft; powerful and fully realized instrumentation, crisp production values and a striking consistency in his releases – and ‘NBD’ is no exception. This could quite possibly be a clear window into what we may expect in future following the ‘Reality Refresh’ series, but either way Teen Daze can do no wrong.

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Rating: 7 / 10

Feature Image: Teen Daze by Paulina Isaak