Single Review: The Hazy, Candy-Coated Ballad That Is TOBACCO’s ‘Jinmenken’

TOBACCO | Jinmenken (single) | Ghostly International

Release Date: 10 September, 2020

Hot, Wet & Sassy’ Album Release Date: 30 October, 2020

Last month, we were treated by the enigmatic producer and musician that is TOBACCO; otherwise known as the solo moniker of Tom Fec, of the kaleidoscopic electronic band Black Moth Super Rainbow – to a haunting, industrial dream when he released his collaboration ‘Babysitter’ with Nine Inch Nails icon Trent Reznor. The single served as the second in light of his upcoming album release entitled ‘Hot, Wet & Sassy’ set for October 30th, via Ghostly International.

One of the most interesting aspects of the artist’s new work – aside from generally everything he does, always bathed in a luminous, vivid and often wonderfully bizarre light with strange, uncanny valley visual aesthetics – is the pure experimentation and differentiation between each single that has been released so far.

While Fec’s signature heavily distorted vocal technique is hypnotic in each track, with the release of his newest single ‘Jinmenken’ – we see an entirely different side to the artist, and a glaring juxtaposition in comparison with ‘Babysitter’: making it all the more intriguing as it is, quite frankly, reminiscent of a love ballad.

A hazy whirl of synthesizers float amongst a steady beat as Fec’s ever-mysterious vocal processors fall into place; choppy textures, cut-up techniques and a sense of uneasiness we’ve all come to expect from TOBACCO fills the air in ambiguity. Fluttering notes glint and shimmer atop a thick, rich bassline driving the track all the way through it’s candy-coated, dream-like delight.

Fec’s lyrics in ‘Jinmenken’ reflect an introspective tone that when combined with the use of honeyed, loving beats and a relaxed, R&B-esque tone the musician once again demonstrates his ability to create a plethora of different sounds, while still remaining true to his unique, charismatic personality.

Every time I look away

It feels like coming down

Something in my mind was made up for me, But I never keep my dreams around

I know you have my number

Is that you that’s on my line

You know you shouldn’t call me all the time, I think I have your number

Don’t want you to wait around

Maybe you can find me down the line, Every time I think of you

Remember pointless days

We never realized that nothing happens, Until it’s time to break away

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Rating: 6 / 10

Feature Image: TOBACCO via Facebook