Premiere: Antínoo – Infinito Particular

Brazilian musician Antínoo shakes things up with his new double single rework of Yoko Ono’s record Have a Woman Inside My Soul as well as the often-covered song Infinito Particular, the latter of which we are premiering here today! The record will be available on streaming platforms as of the 20th of April.

Following in the footsteps of fellow Brazilian musicians Arnaldo Antunes, Carlinhos Brown, and most importantly Marisa Monte, the multi-award-winning singer who gave the song credibility in the public perception, Antínoo offers his take on Infinito Particular. And it’s unlike the versions that came before it.

Released independently, his reinterpretation of the record is set to a samba-inspired music video, which was created by the New York-based choreography and video art duo chameckilerner. But there is a twist. His version aims to overcome cultural stereotypes. “A clubber and gloomy version of one of Marisa Monte’s greatest classics,” he said. 

Having previously explored the realms of synthpop, new-wave, and art rock, Antínoo is seemingly unafraid of straying from the box, choosing to defy conformity instead. His latest offering is proof of that. He has brought Bossa Nova to the modern age. Less traditional in its arrangement, his version Infinito Particular makes heavy use of synths and in-the-box sounds, which juxtaposes the acoustic sound palette of the original. In this way, it deviates from the versions his peers offered before him.

Antínoo finds personal meaning in the original song: “It is a very important song in my life, the lyrics speak of the living woman and the femininity in the essence of a person. As a gay man, I believe that great qualities of my personality come from my feminine side. Singing this song brings up a gender issue about a man recognizing and embracing another side of his life.”

Antínoo is working on a new album with the help of producer Adriano Cintra, who assisted on the double single. The project is slated for release within the year.

Watch/Listen to Antínoo’s rework of Infinito Particular below:

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Image credit: Mariana Gabetta