Single Review: The Dark, Frantic Whirlwind Of Little Snake & Amon Tobin’s Collaboration In ‘Loophole’

Little Snake x Amon Tobin | Loophole (single) | Brainfeeder

Release Date: 26 October, 2020

When it comes to a collaboration between two artists who are specifically known for their willingness to step out of their comfort zones; to experiment in any which way they please, constantly intriguing fans with refreshing, new approaches to creating music – one may not know what to expect, but in the best possible manner.

In a new collaborative effort, two of the most experimental artists to grace the electronic music scene have come together to certainly create something extraordinarily different to anything we’ve heard before; that is, the collaboration between Little Snake and Amon Tobin on their new single ‘Loophole’, released via Brainfeeder.

Little Snake, the moniker of Calgary-based musician and producer Gino Serpentini; is known for his phenomenal enthusiasm when it comes to embracing the experimental – to quote, which is perhaps the best summation of his work: the artist “deconstructs dancefloor norms and subverts traditional structures.

‘Loophole’ – to me – is the embodiment of a portal in which transfiguration occurs. A transfiguration in which we return to a heartspace beyond all delusions within this 3D hologram and return to a state of peace in which we truly know. We know and embody truth beyond our physical minds comprehension and temporary emotions. It takes us to a place where fear and love no longer hold any power and control over us, and instead brings us to a place of complete freedom to truly exist. I would like to extend a huge thanks to one of my all time greatest inspirations – Amon Tobin – for writing this alongside me. It is truly a full circle moment for me.

Little Snake

Furthermore, speaking of the expansive career of Amon Tobin; the producer has created tidal waves in the electronic music realm as a pioneer of innovative, genre-defying work, sculpting a sound completely unique to his musical personality and treading territories many artists would never dream of. In this collaboration, we see something highly distinct that is rather difficult to describe – but in this sense, we welcome the wonderfully obscure, deeply intriguing approach the artists have taken.

Little Snake approaches music with a reckless abandon that gives me hope for a new generation of producers.

Amon Tobin

Anyone who has already heard ‘Loophole’, will understand where we’re coming from when we say, quite frankly – this is a track that certainly does not fit any one description, and attempting to cover or speak linearly about the just-over 8 minutes of hauntingly controlled and brilliantly produced chaos is somewhat impossible.

The track in itself is absolutely fascinating and engrossing in it’s intensity; the two artist’s joyfully dark, midnight playfulness with textural experimentation is unlike anything we have heard of late. Ranging from wailing extraterrestrial synths and somewhat terrifying oscillating alien electronics: to gritty, raw distortion and even moments of quiet, gentle, tender yet phantom-watched, ghostly ambience, ‘Loophole’ is entirely unpredictable, which, especially in electronic music – is extremely refreshing, as stunning, hypnotic and sometimes anxiety inducing as it may be.

With a focus on intricate sound design, the pure intensity of the single sculpts its very own narrative; and when Amon Tobin speaks of Little Snake approaching music with reckless abandon, we can absorb this mesmerising maelstrom of textures and atmospheres in a way that, while expertly produced essentially tells the story itself to the listener personally, without any need for the artists to step in and explain their intention – it seems to very much be up to the listeners to interpret, regardless of the artists own feelings – which is always appreciated.

To put it simply, ‘Loophole’ is a compelling whirlwind of wonderfully chaotic sound design, and with two virtuoso producers behind the wheel allows for a gripping experience rather than a straightforward, typical single release. It’s hard to believe that anyone else could pull off a track such as this, it’s quite an extraordinary feat. If anything, the perfectly complementary artwork says it all.

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Rating: 8 / 10

Feature Image: Little Snake by Andres Saenz & Amon Tobin by Jesse Stagg