Ryan Farish shares new ambient album filled with mood and nuance

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão

There are few chillout and ambient music producers who can say that they have reached the heights that Ryan Farish has. Known for his downtempo electronica, chillout, and uplifting dance music, Farish’s sound is a combination of anthemic melodies layered with organic downtempo grooves along with a collection of releases that infuse dance rhythms with uplifting themes. He’s clocked 15 albums to his name since getting his start in the early 2000s, and is showing no signs of slowing or stopping, with his release last week being hailed as of his most beautiful albums yet, titled ‘Wilderness’.

This newest release has all the elements that make up Farish’s signature sound; dreamy choral vocals, euphoric synthwork and low bass sections haunt and and soothe. There is also something new and unique about the album, in that it calls into mind a solitary and self-searching journey into, like its namesake, the Wilderness. Although the album carries much of Farish’s signature sound, the producer is not afraid to play with texture in ‘Wilderness’, adding surprising but more than welcome bits of orchestral sound and indie electric guitar and many other moments of musical interest.

Ryan Farish continues to grow as an artist, commenting on ‘Wilderness’, “I feel has been the most intentional music I’ve ever created.”

Listen to Ryan Farish’s latest LP ‘Wilderness’ below.

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