Royal Albert Home: London’s Iconic Royal Albert Hall Announces Livestreaming Programme

The Royal Albert Hall will be hosting a programme of artists live-streaming from their home while the venues doors remain shut.

For those who live outside the UK and may be unaware, The Royal Albert Hall is one of the most famous and absolutely beloved venues in England. As one of London’s most iconic structures and locales, The Royal Albert Hall has an absolutely incredible history – going all the way back to when it first opened its doors in 1871.

An incredible architectural specter inside and out, as well as a concert hall whose stage has graced some of the most famous figures in history, including an audience rally by Winston Churchill. The Royal Albert Hall has hosted some of the most esteemed cultural and musical figures throughout history – for history buffs, it’s highly recommended to check out their full almost 150 year history on their official website.

Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, The Royal Albert Hall has seen its doors closed for the first time since WW2. Luckily for us, a new livestream service is being launched by the hall – entitled Royal Albert Home with its first performance taking place today (April 9th). While the venue remains closed, the free streaming programme is hosting artists performances live from their homes. There is already an extensive line-up planned, with more acts to be announced soon.

You can browse the programme here.

While all shows are being streamed for free, it’s recommended that those who are able donate to The Royal Albert Hall as they prepare for their 150th birthday next year in 2021.

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