Roundup, May #3

From GrimesAI’s best single yet to deeply personal minimal electronica, we roundup our favorite tracks of the week. Listen below. 


VTSS, Tim Reaper – Body, Mind, Hell (Tim Reaper Remix)

With her debut EP, Circulus Vitiosus, VTSS pivoted toward vocal-driven alternative pop, a U-turn of sorts from the ravey, breakneck energy and sound of her prolific DJ sets. Her forthcoming remix project promises to marry both sides of her musical identity, and if this propulsive hi-NRG Tim Reaper rework of Body, Mind, Hell is anything to go by, this is everything we’ve ever wanted from her. 


Loraine James – 2003

Loraine James’ latest single is deeply autobiographical. Prominently featuring her voice against James’ signature fractured and distorted minimal loops, 2003 is a poignant piece of storytelling that feels like some of James’ most personal to date.


Ashnikko – Possession Of A Weapon

Appealing to her pop sensibilities, the latest single from rapper Ashnikko’s upcoming album WEEDKILLER is a sparse, industrial darkpop nightmare. Intersecting touches of witch house with icy, bass heavy trap, Possession Of A Weapon warps Ashnikko’s voice into a preternatural, demonic snarl. It’s the most spine tingling taste of WEEDKILLER yet. 


Kito – Cold Touch (ft. GrimesAI / ElfTech)

Since Grimes launched Elftech, countless producers have taken advantage of the AI technology that regenerates the artist’s distinct voice. Australian producer Kito’s Cold Touch stands out from the pack, sounding like something Grimes herself would release. A hyperpop ballad, Cold Touch surges through phrases of distorted ambience, bubblegum bass, and jungle, all held together by a killer hook.