Review: Flourishing Soundscapes Sing A Velveteen Ballad In ‘The Other Lover’ By Little Dragon x Moses Sumney

Little Dragon x Moses Sumney | The Other Lover | Ninja Tune

Release Date: 14 December, 2020

In their continuous growth as a band; Swedish synth-pop quartet Little Dragon are known not only for their ever evolving sound – wonderfully playful with their experimental approach to genre-breaking boundaries with each new release – but for one of the most striking aspects of their career as a band, which one could perhaps label as a shimmering sense of soulful bliss. 

In their latest full-length album from 2020 ‘New Me, Same Us’, which we reviewed here – we saw a fantastic progression in the band’s musical personality, with an emphasis on evolving both individually and together, perfectly encapsulating the nature of the album as a whole. While remaining quintessentially themselves, the artists have branched out with vivid collaborations with leading figures in the music industry, allowing for further growth and most importantly, the luminescence of their soulful passion shining through.

In their latest collaboration, Little Dragon have teamed up with Ghanaian American vocalist and songwriter Moses Sumney; whose release of his double-album “græ” last year received stunning acclaim. Sumney’s outstanding vocal prowess is celebrated for his incredibly passionate approach which never ceases to stand out – gleaming with a rich and lavish power, loving and raw with emotion – making the collaborative track ‘The Other Lover’ with Little Dragon all the more hypnotic

I’ve been listening to Little Dragon for a very long time; as a teen, their first album impressed upon me just how infinite modern soul music can be. When they asked me to collaborate I was so honored and surprised (“shook,” as the kids say), that it took me a while to come around. They worked with me, egoless, to craft a new vision for their song. I’m proud of what we came up with.

Moses Sumney

As one perhaps may expect, the highlight of ‘The Other Lover’ comes in the form of the incredible vocal performances by Little Dragon’s lead vocalist Yukimi Nagano and Moses Sumney. The manner in which the artist’s vocals intertwine are exquisite; the elegant, velveteen tones of their voices weave together delicately as if crafted from gossamer, silken threads – with a each artists solo vocals compelling in their own right, yet the glowing cacophony of shimmering harmonies is a glittering euphoria.

Bubbling synthesizers bloom as a sturdy backbone driving the track forward, dotted with stripped-down but still starry, twinkling melodies shimmering in the atmospheric experience; the reflective, kind aura of the track singing luminous as a trip-hop-esque ballad – with lyrics taken from Little Dragon’s ‘New Me, Same Us’ track ‘Another Lover’.

Ripe with texture, the minimalist percussion of ‘The Other Lover’ compliments the sublime vocalists effortlessly as passionate horns begin to sprout, unfurl and flourish. Boasting the enveloping bloom of a lush soundscape filled to the brim with immersion in its composition and use of captivating textures, ‘The Other Lover’ is a beautiful collaboration between musicians who couldn’t be a better fit with one another.

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Rating: 8.5 / 10

Feature Image: Little Dragon & Moses Sumney Collage by Arya Haliba