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Björk, Shygirl, Sega Bodega – Ovule (Sega Bodega Remix)

Seeing the names Björk, Shygirl, and Sega Bodega on a single track credit is the gift we didn’t know we needed. The queen of avant-garde baroque pop embracing the new vanguard of artists carrying her pioneering efforts into the future is a breath of fresh air, and with the Bodega

When Andy Butler imagined what he might look like as a rockstar, he saw himself as Hercules. A forlorn, lovesick, and queer Hercules, to be exact. The juxtaposition between the machismo of the Greek demigod and his pining over a male lover in one specific legend is what drew Butler

For New York native Levon Vincent, the sound of the city is the sound of home, a space he understands inherently and intricately. The DJ and producer is a bit of a nomad, having adopted Berlin and London as home, but it’s the streets, sounds, and culture of New York

“How’s the weather?” is one of those questions that’s become a means toward trivial banter, an autopilot prompt for small talk in the ranks of “where are you working now?” or “how’s the family?” No one seems to be taking the question too seriously, except maybe for Loraine James. Following

It’s a good time for nostalgia. Perhaps more than ever, the trend cycle has been ever revolving, constantly being given life by way of algorithms and lockdown induced boredom. Currently, we’re somewhere between the late 90’s and 2005. Current rising trends seem to suggest the later end of that spectrum,

Little Dragon x Moses Sumney | The Other Lover | Ninja Tune Release Date: 14 December, 2020 In their continuous growth as a band; Swedish synth-pop quartet Little Dragon are known not only for their ever evolving sound – wonderfully playful with their experimental approach to genre-breaking boundaries with each

Nosaj Thing | No Mind (EP) | LuckyMe Release Date: October 21, 2020 With the release of his most recent single ‘For The Light’ back in August, American producer Jason Chung – otherwise known under his pseudonym Nosaj Thing; excited fans as he appeared with his first solo crafted work

박혜진 Park Hye Jin | How can I (single) | Ninja Tune Album Release Date: 26 June, 2020 Following her debut EP ‘IF U WANT IT’ in 2018: LA-based, Seoul-born radiant multifaceted artist Park Hye Jin (with her name spelled 박혜진 in Korean) has been a dazzling bright light high

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