[PREMIERE]: Pablo Nouvelle & Kinnship – ‘The Wholesomeness of Waiting’

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Following their previous singles Kilo and Medicine, prolific producer Pablo Nouvelle and multi-instrumentalist Kinnship continue their enchanting collaborative project with the release of The Wholesomeness Of Waiting, the third single from their forthcoming album Stones & Geysers. 

Further proving themselves as a formidable creative force, The Wholesomeness of Waiting synthesises the best of each artist while exploring club sounds by way of their particular aesthetic. Kinnship’s ethereal and soul-soaked vocals wrap themselves around Nouvelle’s incredibly textured production which moves from slowly simmering trip-hop to pulsating minimal house. A deep, resonant bass thrums beneath, growing in power as the track progresses toward its quietly propulsive finale. 

The Wholesomeness of Waiting is a rave track in disguise. It starts in a weird dream-like world. Reversed vocals fly over soft 808s playing a halftime beat, while the piano chords sound like being taken from a vintage Asian movie,” Nouvelle revealed about the track. “As the song progresses, the percussive elements spiral into a subtle shrugging party, until finally the thick bass climaxes to euphoria without ever losing its delicate elegance.” 

Stones & Geysers is due on November 5th via Believe. Pre-order the album here.

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