PLAYY. Podcast #205 : Fabio & Grooverider


When it comes to drum & bass, it’s impossible to discuss the evolution of the genre without considering Fabio & Grooverider as its genesis. Widely regarded as The Godfathers of drum & bass, for over three decades the DJ duo have pushed sounds at the cutting edge of the genre with their groundbreaking sets at nightlife happenings such as Rage, and their famed Kiss 100 radio show. Those thirty years together have made Fabio & Grooverider intrinsic to one another, a creative partnership like no other. Speaking to them, you get a visceral sense of thIs connection. They often finish each other’s sentences, or overlap their thoughts as if speaking with one consciousness. Essential to their longevity is a commitment to innovation. Bold experimentation and a fearlessness to confront the ever shifting nature of music, technology, and subculture has kept them at the forefront of electronic music. Their latest project, an ongoing collaboration with the Outlook Orchestra, sees the duo attempt to transpose drum & bass for classic instrumentation, presenting iconic records played live by the forty piece orchestra. We spoke to them ahead of their headlining performance at Siren Festival in Bristol last month. Listen below. 



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