NEWS: Listen to Mixes by The Knife’s Olof Dreijer Produced with N.I. Synths

Delve into the creative process with Jlin, Chino Amobi, Mumdance and other futuristic producers, featured in the next NI Synths audio edition: Komplete 11.

To celebrate this next step forward for digital music production and performance, Native Instruments is presenting Komplete Sketches, a series of sonic and video experiences celebrating the sound of forward-thinking electronic music in 2016.

The Berlin software company, challenged 24 contemporary producers to create a quick sketch using only instruments and effects from KOMPLETE 11.

The producers cover the full range of contemporary club music, with acts including Jlin, Throwing Shade, Angel-Ho, Mumdance, Ziur and M.E.S.H. among those tasked with creating the music.

The Knife’s Olof Dreijer, who formerly made music as Oni Ayhun, took a “funky rhythm” played through the Abbey Road Vintage Drummer kit and combined it with the FM8 synth he describes as his “go-to FM VST.” Each comes accompanied by generative visuals by filmmaker Rainer Kohlberger.

Komplete Sketches – 01 // Jlin

Here’s an exclusive playlist of the results below.

01 // Jlin
02 // Throwing Shade
03 // Aïsha Devi
04 // WIFE
05 // Angel-Ho
06 // Mechatok
07 // Eomac
08 // schwarzmodul
09 // Ziúr
10 // Om Unit
11 // Perera Elsewhere
12 // Mumdance
13 // Robot Koch
14 // Deru
15 // Phon.o
16 // Nkisi
17 // DJ NA
18 // mobilegirl
19 // Ben Lukas Boysen
20 // Olof Dreijer
21 // M.E.S.H.
22 // Born In Flamez
23 // Yves De Mey
24 // Chino Amobi

You can listen to all 24 sketches at the Native Instruments website.

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