Kormac’s ‘I Believe’ Video Is A Cinematic Triumph

The recent video for Kormac’s ‘I Believe’ is yet another exemplar of the artists flair for film. Originally part of his renowned AV show, he decided to release the song as a stand-alone track, following the overwhelming reaction to it – notably, thousands of people clapping and chanting along “I believe, I believe.”

The track is inspired by spiritual jazz and gospel recordings.“We really tried to make all the elements sound like they were in a small, wooden church, from the choir’s clapping to the beaten up, old piano.” he says

Kormac is also running a remix competition for the track. He has invited the public to remix ‘I Believe’ and the winning track will be released worldwide on Spotify, ITunes, Deezer, Pandora and Apple Music.

Watch the video below:

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