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Ed is Dead, Bicep, Fred Again.., Ross for Friends, Overmono

Q+A: 5 minutes with Ed is Dead

Producer Ed is Dead strides forward into the unknown, boldly exploring the landscape that is the rapidly changing music industry, a place now inhabited by AI enthusiasts and critics alike. Having embraced this relatively new technology, however, he has tinkered with a prompt-based search engine WolframAlpha to compose his latest

If you follow the modular synth scene, you’d definitely have heard of Tokyo’s HATAKEN. The producer and sound designer has been crafting ambient and modular soundscapes since the 90’s, and has become a legend in the scene. Fellow Japanese musician SUGIZO meanwhile, comes from an eclectic musical background that includes

It is with great sadness to report that iconic synthesizer engineer and designer Chris Huggett has died. The British synthesizer pioneer is responsible for engineering some of the most legendary, innovative equipment that has graced the music realm for over 40 years, with his works changing the entire face of

Written by Maya-Rose Torrão Often called “the holy grail of synthesizers”, TONTO, or The Original New Timbral Orchestra, is a legendary synthesiser that was built by Malcolm Cecil in the early ’70s and is the largest polyphonic analog synth in the world. TONTO consists of several Oberheim models, two ARP

Delve into the creative process with Jlin, Chino Amobi, Mumdance and other futuristic producers, featured in the next NI Synths audio edition: Komplete 11. To celebrate this next step forward for digital music production and performance, Native Instruments is presenting Komplete Sketches, a series of sonic and video experiences celebrating

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