Maŕa releases ‘Rebellion’ music video ahead of new EP for Cultivated Sounds

Image still from music video by Mará, Chamberlain Zhang & ChengCheng

New York DJ and producer Maŕa is known for her shadowy, experimental sets of cosmic dance bangers. An icon in her underground scene, Maŕa is the founder of the label and collective Cultivated Sounds, which was established in order to connect people with music from artists both emerging and established. Rebellion is the new track from Maŕa, taken from the EP of the same name which will be released by Cultivated Sounds on July 22. 

The three track EP features two remixes of Rebellion by LDY OSC and S. English. Maŕa specifies that the EP “…represents the struggle of breaking through the industry and encourages women, ethnic minorities, and LGBT communities to be strong and follow their passion. Most importantly, continue to challenge the male-dominated status quo.”

Rebellion had previously been released on the Air Texture VII compilation, curated by Rrose and Silent Servant. For its re-release, a music video has been made available, performed and directed by Maŕa alongside Chamberlain Zhang & ChengCheng. The video features Maŕa struggling through a strange, futuristic landscape with various extraterrestrial textures and effects, providing a haunting visual backdrop to the slow, ominous tech-ambience of Rebellion. According to Cultivated Sound’s website, the video is designed to be “subjective, giving the viewers an individual experience by creating their own story or relationship with Maŕa from the outside.”

Watch Rebellion below, and pre-order the EP here.

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