Line Up Revealed For Seth Troxler’s Acid Future

Seth Troxler is known for his expertise behind the decks, in front of them though, he’s renowned for being more than vocal about the state of the electronic music scene and his despondency towards it.

Not too long ago, he said this:

Recently I’ve been quite outspoken about my misgivings on the rise of EDM and the culture that surrounds it – but I’ve also noticed that the UK and specifically London, possibly my favourite city in the world, doesn’t have much of an EDM scene at all.  This got me thinking as to why this might be and the simple answer is… acid house


8 August will see Troxler hosting a party at East London’s Tobacco Dock and it will be dedicated in its entirety to celebrating acid house.

On August 8th we are paying homage to London’s acid house history and heritage by throwing a giant warehouse party at Tobacco Dock, but rather than looking backwards we’re looking forward, inviting artists from all over the world which I feel embody the spirit acid house in 2015.”

“First, we invite you to enter into a bye-gone era. A place where dance music was fresh and new. Where late nights turned into bright new days of inspiration and opportunity. You remember that first time you went to a party don’t you? Your friends dragging you along…you, unsure if they might be crazy. As you approach an un-assuming warehouse, you hear the faint thumping of bass piercing the nights silence...”

The full line up for the event goes as follows:

Marshall Jefferson, Danny Rampling, Jackmaster, Paranoid London, Skream, Craig Richards, Felix Dickinson,Harvard Bass, Tom Trago and William Kouam Djoko and Troxler himself is set to play back-to-back with The Martinez Brothers as Tuskegee.

Click here to grab yourself tickets to Seth Troxler’s Acid Future.

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