News: Independent Bristol Venues The Louisiana & Exchange Have Launched A Patreon For Financial Aid

Independent Bristol venues The Louisiana and Exchange have launched a joint Patreon account to raise money in order to survive the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Louisiana and Exchange are the cornerstones of Bristol’s thriving independent music community.  We’ve always both been so lucky to count on the support of those who believe in what we are trying to do and want to be a part of it.

via Patreon

As we know, after many months of the music industry requesting genuinely beneficial and dire financial aid, multiple independent venues as well as venues within the arts and culture sector such as theatres and galleries eventually received certain grants if eligible in restitution. However, unfortunately the overdue financial aid has simply not been enough for many independent music venues to survive the financial fallout.

On their Patreon account, the venues have issued a statement explaining:

The coronavirus pandemic has brought our whole industry to its knees, and the knock on effects are likely to be seen for years to come. As we rebuild ourselves to the point where we can deliver the same amazing live music experience you’ve come to expect, and diversify how we can support arts and creatives through online and live streamed shows, every single penny raised will go directly back into allowing us to continue to survive and create opportunities and experiences for the Bristol independent music community.

via Patreon

There are three tiers of membership options available to support Exchange and The Louisiana – and excitingly, at the time of writing this article, their top tier £20 per month membership has already been sold out! We hope for the best for these venues as they are a part of Bristol’s independent cultural history.

Visit their Patreon here for more details and be sure to support their initiative if you’re able to!

Feature Image: The Louisiana in Bristol