Personalised music startup Songfinch nabs investments from Doja Cat and The Weeknd

A new music startup called Songfinch recently closed its first round of seed funding with over $2 million raised from investors. Notably, a number of high profile musicians have invested in the startup, including The Weeknd, Quincy Jones, and Doja Cat. Led by Corazon Capital, the seeding round looked to raise capital for the expansion of the Chicago based venture, founded by John Williamson, Rob Lindquist, Scott Kitun and Josh Kaplan

Songfinch is a personalised music creation company, which allows artists on the platform to write and record personalised songs for users for occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, and other celebrations. Since its launch, Songfinch claims to have put out around 100k of these songs, and claims to have paid out more than $5million to the 1,200 active artists on the platform, and recently Tweeted that they had paid out $2 million to artists in the first quarter of this year. 

Those wanting to purchase a personalised song from Songfinch can do so for $199 a track. “We already know music is an incredible gift, and our customers tell us repeatedly how much they treasure their one-of-a-kind Songfinch songs,” said Williamson. He continued, “our company mission, as it pertains to artists, is to provide opportunities that take them from working a part-time job on day one to making a living as a full-time musician by day 90.”


To find out more about Songfinch and their artists, visit their website here