La Bacchanale’s newest podcast is from Matrixxman

With the level of output and dominance DJ and producer Matrixxman has had over the last couple of years, it’s quickly easy to forget that he hasn’t been in the game for that long. The only real reminder comes in the form of the description in the mix posted below, his newest release on soundcloud for La Bacchanale, a Montreal-based website that dwells in the underground scenes much like the way we do.

Matrixxman has been known for his diverse, eclectic output- he’s worked with everyone from Vin Sol to Mykki Blanco to Salva for instance- but for this mix he’s stuck with his warehouse techno rave (the good kind) groove and the result is a stunning hour that will take the mundane Wednesday and flip it into something much more. While music can’t literally take us on a holiday, this mix can at least take our minds elsewhere for a short break.

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