Exclusive: Sami Switch chats with us about his life and the future [Interview]

Facing the trials and tribulations of the music world is always challenging, but for artist Sami Switch, he’s been gracefully maneuvering through with relative ease with his last release, even when life wasn’t as simple. We’ve recently sat down to chat with the up and coming poet-turned-rapper about his latest track “God?,” his debut release last year, and a lot more.

Hi Sami, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! You’ve gone through a lot the last couple of years, and it looks like you’ve found a place for yourself in the world. Now that you’re gaining attention from the music world, how do you maintain a balance in your life between music and everything else?

Thanks for having me! It can sometimes be difficult to maintain a balance and not stay stagnant in either my music career or every other life aspect, but when your so passionate about something you make it work. I try to make it my priority.

Can you tell us a little bit about your most recent track “God?” This track in particular reminds me of a lot of the pain that can be felt in some of Eminem’s older pieces…

“God?” Like many of my tracks was spontaneously made with my producer “O’D’. I went to his house, was in a bad place, and his studio, talent and friendship allowed me to open up and really let go of everything I was holding back. It wasn’t planned but I think truly venting anger, fear or pain can create the most honest and pure music, which is something Eminem definitely did in some earlier pieces.

I’d love to learn about your production process. How do you find the right beats to work with your lyrics, and how do you continue to find inspiration? Are there any people or things that inspire you to get over any writer’s block?

I usually work directly with a producer. We start from scratch together in the same room and build the music, beat and concept together. Starting something from scratch and having an input usually gets rid of all writers block as its a continuous flow of creative energy between two people so your not alone. Life usually gives me enough inspiration but If I need a top up I will read, research music or drink (haha)

Now that your first project has been released (in 2015), what can you reveal were your biggest achievements, and on the flip side (biggest challenges), in making the project come alive? What lessons do you think you learned that can be applied to any projects you are currently working on?

My biggest achievements have to be creating an honest collection of music I’m truly proud of and through it selling out my first two headline shows. After the year I had of personal troubles the moments making it were the only thing keeping me going. I learnt through that period that making honest music is my therapy, my peace. I just need to follow the same feeling in my heart, be passionate and patient and things seem to come together.

Who are some of the artist’s you are listening to that you think everyone else should be checking out?

This year I have been listening to a lot of Jack Garratt, Etham, and O’D. All 3 are bringing something new and soulful to the music scene which I feel it has lacked in previous years.

Finally, what are some of things you can reveal are coming up for you for the rest of 2016?

I am releasing various singles towards an upcoming project, but in between that and being in the studio I will be performing at a bunch of festivals and doing gigs! Look out for me! One love X

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