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Interview by Shannon Lawlor

Woodson Black, aka Haux is an electro-acoustic musician and songwriter currently based in The Berkshires, a region located between Massachusetts and Connecticut. Fusing together elements of folk, electronica and ambient music, Haux delicately balances these influences amidst imaginative field recordings and celestial soundscapes.

Haux released his debut EP titled All We’ve Known via Akira Records in 2016, producing each song, photo, video, and design. Since capturing the hearts of many, Black has since gone on to receive substantial support from prominent publications including The New York Times, Clash, SPIN, Spotify, Sirius XM, BBC 1 and KCRW. On March 30th, Something To Remember, the forthcoming sophomore EP & companion short film will be released via Ultra Records.

We caught up with Haux on encouraging creativity and the importance of atmosphere:

For anyone unfamiliar with Haux’s dreamlike elegance, how would you personally describe the music you make?

It always begins with folk music for me. Once the song’s written then I peel the layers back and begin adding the atmosphere. To me it’s dream folk.

Your upcoming EP titled Something To Remember will be released on March 30th via Ultra Records. Could you detail this recording process and how it may have differed to 2016’s All We’ve Known?

All of the recording happened in my home studio in the Berkshires. Same as All We’ve Known, I did all the tracking, mixing, and production for Something To Remember. I think Something To Remember focuses a lot more on the present as opposed to the past.

How does a typical Haux performance vary from being in the studio? Is there room for experimentation, or do you like to keep a consistent flow?

There’s plenty of experimentation. I think I have less control over all variables in a live show than in the studio and I tend to embrace that. I encourage creativity in the reinterpretation of the songs for the stage. It makes them new and fresh.

What piece of equipment, software or hardware do you feel is essential, or integral to Haux’s live performance?

Atmosphere is so important on the records as well as the live setting so I’d have to say the Eventide Space guitar pedal. It gives the guitar such an ethereal sound.

Haux’s music mixes elements of ambient, folk, post-rock and electronica into one delicately balanced blend. Musically, where do you seek inspiration from?

Everywhere I think. I remember using a Keaton Henson track and later a Diplo track as reference mixes on my most recent song “Heartbeat”.

If you could collaborate with anyone on the planet, living or deceased – who would it be, and why?

Nick Drake’s an idol of mine. I’d have loved to spend a day with him in the studio!

Could you explain where the inspiration behind writing ‘Cologne’ comes from?

I remember walking around Cologne on an autumn afternoon. I imagined a life where it was my home and what that would feel like.

How would you describe New York’s live music scene? And how does it compare to playing shows in London or other parts of Europe?

In New York there’s so much going on all the time.. it’s really vibrant. I’d say NYC and London feel like home because I have so many friends that come to shows in each city whereas Europe feels much more like meeting a stranger for the first time. Though I’m getting to know many places in Europe now too.

Three favourite releases of 2017?

Sampha –  Process
Phoebe Bridgers – A Stranger In the Alps
Leif Vollebekk – Twin Solitude

If Haux could perform in any part of the world – where would it be, and why?

I’d love to perform somewhere in the Highlands of Scotland, because I’ve always wanted to travel there and sometimes imagine my music taking place there.  

Coming from a photographic background, how important do you feel your visual aesthetic and artistic approach is to the imagery surrounding your music?

I think the music and visuals carry equal weight. They both are very important to each other. When I’m writing I always see some sort of setting in my mind. With Heartbeat, for example, I’ve always seen this visual of a forest and a girl running through it — too afraid to turn her head.

What does the future hold for Haux?

Lots and lots of new music!

12 May – Berne, Switzerland – ISC
13 May – Zurich, Switzerland – Exil
16 May – Vienna, Austria – Chelsea
17 May – Berlin, Germany – Musik & Frieden
19 May – Copenhagen, Denmark – Ideal Bar
21 May – Stockholm, Sweden – Bar Brooklyn
22 May – Hamburg, Germany – Nochtspeicher
23 May – Cologne, Germany – Yuca
24 May – Roubaix, France – la Cave aux Poètes
26 May – Utrecht, Netherlands – EKKO
28 May – Groningen, Netherlands – USVA
29 May – Paris, France – Le Point Ephémère
1 June – London, UK – Omeara
2 June – Glasgow, UK – Stereo

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