Iconic Hip Hop Producer Shocklee dives headfirst into techno with new mix

To be honest we never imagined that we’d be talking about Public Enemy on our site, but here we are. It’s 2016, and founding member SHOCKLEE is diving headfirst into the techno scene with his latest mix.

While the innovator, who gave us massive Hip Hop classics, insists that he’s keeping an eye on the future with his music production prowess, it seems like he’s still managed to find himself rooted in understanding the techno world from the ground up, as the mix traverses through familiar subgenres. Like the DJ pro he is, he takes us through a journey, starting off with the lighter work before diving into darker territory.

SHOCKLEE is ready to enter the dangerous world of dance, and it’s clear with this mix that he’s ready for whatever lies ahead. If he truly believes this is the path to the future, we’re also ready to jump in head first.

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