Honey Dijon launches collection celebrating queer history on Etsy

Alexander Kilian

DJ and producer Honey Dijon has launched a new collection for Etsy. A part of the online store’s Creator Collab series, Dijon’s capsule collection is inspired by LGBTQ history and according to Dijon, was created to bring joy into people’s lives. “I am a proponent of joy, so I hope people bring these things into their lives that can bring them joy and good vibrations and colour and vibrancy,” she said of the collection. 

On sale are a variety of art goods and curios curated and co-created by Dijon, including scarves, incense holders and art prints. The shop is a sort of online bazaar informed by Dijon’s love of museum gift shops. Most items reference seminal moments in queer history from the 60s, 70s and 80s when change was the driving force behind the LGBTQ community. “What really draws me to that is when fashion and art reflect that social change, in the end, you have marginalised people creating their own music and culture,” elaborated Dijon on her points of reference.

For the collection, Dijon elected to work predominantly with women of colour and members of the queer community. Speaking on the need for queer and trans representation in the world of dance music, Dijon commented “Dance music started from this community. Dance music and disco started from safe places for people — for women to be women and not be harassed, and for gay people to be gay and not be harassed… and it became colonised and turned and went from culture to entertainment. So there is still so much work that we need to do. I mean, let’s face it — how many trans DJs do you see today?”

You can shop Honey Dijon’s collection for Etsy here