Glasgow club SWG3 announces innovative sustainable energy plan launching next month

Image by Michael Hunter

Glasgow nightclub SWG3 has announced it will be using an innovative new system to generate power for its cooling system. The BODYHEAT system is a revolutionary technology that converts the energy created from people moving inside the venue into an energy source for the club’s heating and cooling outlets. According to SWG3’s website, BODYHEAT “uses heat pumps and fluids to capture the incredible amounts of body heat generated by SWG3’s crowds, channelling their combined energy into twelve 150m-deep bore holes drilled beneath the venue.”

The system will debut as part of the COP26 climate conference that is scheduled to happen in Glasgow at the end of October. SWG3 will host a special launch event on November 7th, headlined by Honey Dijon. Dijon is also set to design an exclusive T-shirt in collaboration with BODYHEAT

SWG3 estimates that with the BODYHEAT system, the venue expects to save up to 70 tonnes of C02 annually. 

More information is available via the SWG3 website here.