Exclusive: J Tropic tells us about his musical influences [Playlist]

All things considered, J Tropic hasn’t been in the music game for all that long (at least under this moniker), but he’s creatively crafted some of the freshest dance tracks and landed on various ‘must-hear’ producer lists in the last couple of years, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

Mixing an eclectic blend of R&B, pop, and dance music, his tracks have a light touch that makes it easy to fall in love under the festival sky or sunbathe next to a large watersource of your choice. While he’s been getting us to crave a day outside of the office and inside a pool, we asked him to give us a playlist of jams that have influenced him as much as he’s influenced us.

We’re excited to present to you J Tropic’s influential tracks.

Jai Paul – Jasmine

This was one of the tracks that inspired me to start this project, it’s just a breath of fresh air in both writing and production.

Sango – Agorinha

Sango has been a favourite since I pretty much listened to ‘Da Rochinha 2’ on loop for a week straight on holiday one year, its a straight classic album, no matter how many times it rolls round it never gets old.

Louie Lastic – Reactions

Louie Lastic has such a unique style, you can recognise his work a mile off, it can be difficult to have such a strong identity as a producer.

Rustie – Coral Castlez

Rustie just writes all out bangers, this track just shows what you can do with a catchy hook.

Joy Orbison– Wet Look

Joy Orbison was one of the first electronic artists I was really passionate about, with ‘Wet Look’ & ‘Hyph Mngo’ being a stable part of Annie Macs Friday night dance show.

IYES – Glow

If the stripped back live acoustic version of “Glow” was on Spotify then that would be here, but this is easily the next best thing. IYES have a way of making you stop whatever you’re doing and be totally absorbed by their music, also check out ‘Simmer’ on their Soundcloud.

Lido – Lost

Pretty much everything Lido touches turns to gold. Lido reworked the vocal from ‘Lost’, originally a disco infused progressive house track from Muri and transformed it into one of the most original productions I’v ever come across.

Bonzai – Nikka

This was the track that really set Bonzai off for me, John Calverts’ production totally compliments Bonzais old school R&B vocal hooks.

salute – XYV (Way You Do)

I love when producers break out of what people expect on a release, and for me, thats exactly what salute did with XYV – music releases should be a train of creative thought, a way to give fans a selection and interpretation of the music the artist enjoys themselves.

Alyss – The Talking Palm Tree

The amount of time me and Alyss have spent working together on various projects over the years is crazy, and to finally see her release her debut with PMR records is inspiring in its self. Not to mention the track is an absolute tune which she produced it her self, something she had never even tried when we started working together.

SBTRKT – Good Morning

An instant favourite, being a long time SBTRKT fan you always have to be on your toes, because you never know what he’s going to put it out… but its always a pleasant surprise.

Thanks to J Tropic for putting the playlist together. Take a listen to the playlist in full below.