Ease into the weekend with newly released RnB/Soul single, ‘Stardust’

Dan Bravo and J.O.Y have come together in a dynamic collaboration to create the freshly released single, ‘Stardust’. The single, released today, explores the potential of love and features the soothing voice of J.O.Y and the matured production style of Dan Bravo.  While the one is currently based in Norway and the other in Germany, the two met via Facebook, quickly exploring their mutual love for music. ‘Stardust’ is the second single the two have released together, with ‘Can’t Stop’ marking the start of their collaboration. 

Speaking of ‘Stardust’, J.O.Y tells us “This song describes pretty much every relationship. We always look for something better to reach but in the end, we should focus on what we have and acknowledge the good and the bad. My Inspiration was to build a song around illustrations (in this song particular the space and the stars)”

‘Stardust’ oozes RnB with soul finishes and a cadenced bassline that will hold you in a warm embrace.

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