Q+A: Five Minutes with Insomnia Dance Festival

Last month, Insomnia Dance Festival announced a diverse and, by all accounts, massive lineup for its inaugural event. Set to take place next week at Switzerland’s largest indoor venue, The Hallenstadion, Insomnia will see the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Meduza, and Vini Vici play across three stages. Rooted in old school rave culture, Insomnia promises to establish a space for dance music enthusiasts built on foundations of freedom, love, vibes, and of course, dance. We spoke with the organisers of this new and exciting festival to get some insight into Insomnia’s origins, and to chat about where they see the brand going in the next few years. 


Can you tell us about the origins of Insomnia Dance Festival and how it came to be? What motivated the creation of this event?

Insomnia Dance Festival follows the tradition of the Energy Raves, which were a massive part of dance culture from 1992 until 2014. Those events made history at the Hallenstadion, which is the largest indoor venue in Switzerland. They went hand in hand with the legendary Street Parade, which was launched at the same year and really helped to put Zürich on the map as a hub for electronic dance music.


What is the ethos or culture that defines Insomnia Dance Festival? How do you aim to differentiate it from other electronic music festivals?

Our lineup is super diverse and we just want to be able to offer something for everyone. We want it to maintain the essence of the Energy Raves, but also showcase new sounds and styles all under one roof. We also want to make it a destination for art and food lovers, to make it a truly all encompassing event.


Zurich has a vibrant dance music culture. How does the city’s unique atmosphere and music scene inspire the festival? In what ways will Zurich’s influence be reflected in the event?

Zürich is a place of such natural beauty, and to see it on Street Parade is something quite incredible. People from all over the world travel there to be a part of the magic, and we are so proud of that. I think the reason we want to reignite the rave after the parade is to keep the momentum going and share our wonderful city with as many people as possible.


Curating a lineup for a music festival is crucial. Could you shed some light on the process behind selecting artists and headlining acts for Insomnia Dance Festival? What factors do you consider when putting together the lineup?

As we previously mentioned, the lineup is very diverse and we love to range from house, to hardstyle, to techno and everything in between. We want people to move around the stadium and take in all the different sights and sounds, as sometimes you can be set in your ways or what you think your style or sound is, but it’s always brilliant when you can be surprised and hear music you wouldn’t normally get the chance to hear. We are very proud that our headliners are exclusive to the festival and won’t be playing elsewhere in town during the weekend. We know they are going to make it a night for the history books.



As the festival evolves, what are your aspirations for its future? Do you have any specific goals or visions you would like to achieve in the coming years?

We want to keep the tradition alive, while sourcing DJs and artists that truly capture what Insomnia is all about. We hope that the event is received very well and that people want to come back for many many years to come. We feel we are starting off extremely strong, and want to continue to grow the brand, and deliver the highest quality festival experience for our attendees.


With numerous electronic music festivals taking place worldwide, what sets Insomnia Dance Festival apart? How do you plan to stay relevant and continue to attract attendees in the ever-changing music festival landscape?

I think in order to understand it, you have to come and experience it. Street Parade leaves everyone speechless. Watching a city that is usually quite quiet and restrained transform into one of the most incredible dance parties… it is truly a sight to behold. We have the privilege of keeping that party going into the night time and showing the party goers one of the best times of their lives. That is what sets us apart, and it will be an event that our attendees will remember for the rest of their lives.


As organisers, what aspect of the upcoming Insomnia Dance Festival are you most excited about? Is there a particular artist, performance, or experience you are eagerly looking forward to?

We are honestly just so excited to have the doors open and to have people experience all the amazing music, food, art and light show that we have organised. As mentioned, the venue is Switzerland’s largest indoor venue and has endless potential, so we just can’t wait for the DJs to take to the decks and for the audiences to be a part of what Insomnia Dance Festival is really all about.


How does Insomnia Dance Festival aim to create a memorable and immersive experience for attendees beyond just the music? Are there any additional elements or interactive features that you have planned to enhance the overall festival atmosphere?

Definitely! We have art installations, we have a wide variety of food and drink spots, we have state of the art light shows and visuals… and we have the best venue in the country. It really is not to be missed and we hope we will see you there!


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