Avant-garde & Neo-soul musician KID BE KID releases EP

Avant Neo-Soul meets jazz musician KID BE KID releases her album, Lovely Genders on March 20th via SPRINGSTOFF. While she composed and produced the EP herself, KID BE KID sought assistance from LAD AGABEKOV (Grand Corps Malade, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Octave One) for the master engineering. She has made quite a name for herself on the jazz festival scene, appearing at Fusion Festival (Kate Tempest), Festival International de Jazz de Montreal (Norah Jones, Jacob Collier, Melody Gardot), Elbjazz (Jamie Cullum, Kamaal Williams, Jason Moran) as well as the European Hip Hop Studies Conference, where she appeared as both a speaker and a performer. A number of publications and radio stations have begun to take note of KID BE KID with features appearing in COMPLEX, Medium.com, Worldwide FM and KCRW. Lifted from the album is ‘Slide feat. Julia Kadel & Simon Denizart’ which premiered via BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Jamz Supernova. KID BE KID revolutionizes experimental jazz and everything it stands for within her Lovely Genders EP. Leading with the ever so bold ‘Blood’ you hear the artist’s signature sound made of accomplished beatboxing, vocals appearing like samples, broad synth sounds, acoustic piano, and deep basslines, elements of which can be found scattered across the album. A rhythmic virtuosity can be found throughout the album with the tender ‘Monument’ presenting the softer side of KID BE KID however don’t be fooled: even here one can find her wit and finely tuned responses to an unseen character within her life. Finally, the ‘Lovely Genders’ title track stands out, a rebellious ode against all gender expectations, instead pushing her listeners to “come together” without judgment or fear.

Sharing the tense creation process behind the album, KID BE KID tells us; “As a composer, musician, and producer of the album, I know that there is a small part of my soul behind every detail. There is nothing better than to create new work in a creative flow within a few months. During that time, everything else doesn’t matter and I just dedicate myself to the music, the sound and the meaning of what’s happening. If you ask me what I ate at that time, the answer is air and inspiration. And chips maybe.”

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