Aphex Twin Billboards & Posters Appear Around The Globe; Clarifies Belief That Coronavirus Not A Hoax

Last week, in a classic, out there and wonderfully over the top move by iconic producer Aphex Twin (Richard D. James): billboards and posters with the artist’s instantly recognisable logo have been spotted around the world, with cryptic hints toward new music showing up in London, Bristol, Berlin and even further west in Los Angeles. 

Known for always making a statement, especially when it comes to an upcoming release, fans are thrilled to see what the artist is going to be working on next. Judging by photographs of the artworks and logos that have appeared alongside electronic music manufacturer Novation; we can assume that perhaps the artworks imply a collaboration between the company and the producer.

Novation have shared enigmatic posts via their instagram, suggesting that we will be hearing more news come October 20th. Yesterday, October 12th – Novation released a short visualiser combined with audio as the next clue leading up to October 20th, with the clue created by Aphex Twin’s visual collaborator Weirdcore TV.

As an always obscure and mysterious artist, Aphex Twin is also widely believed to be the owner behind the Soundcloud account with the title “user18081971” with the bio section sharing some personal views which have since been updated, as many have believed that previous comments made by James suggested the false information that the novel coronavirus is a hoax.

..had a lot of Pm’s, tried to answer a lot of them individually but to the ones I didn’t reply to: I definitely don’t think Covid is a hoax, I’m just very worried about the erosion of civil and human rights and how we are to get them back.

(An added note for anyone reading this: Covid is definitely not a hoax, please refrain from sharing harmful misinformation and make sure to follow your country’s public health and safety guidelines to protect yourselves and the vulnerable people around you.)

The bio has now been updated, and in a comment on a track titled “B2 42DIMENSIT10” – the artist responded to comments by concerned fans:

I definitely don’t think Covid is a hoax, I’m just very worried about our civil and human rights being taken away. Got very upset about Rishi Sunak, UK minister the other day saying musicians should retrain…I mean really, ffs?

Yeah like I’ve already stated a few times, I definitely don’t think it’s made up, it’s the erosion of our human rights that I’m scared about, will we ever get them back? I mean what if we the people are not happy about any other government policies, we now can’t have more than 6 people in a protest, what are we to do?

Feature Image: Aphex Twin by Martyn Goodacre

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