Alien-Rap artist Johny Dar shares latest compelling single, ‘Gigi’

Artist, designer and musician Johny Dar has just released his latest single ‘Gigi’, as a precursor to his upcoming album and live show Dardelica, co-produced by Dan Vinci (Faithless, Basement Jaxx, Snoop Dogg).

Gigi’, the latest single by Johny Dar, is a kaleidoscopic journey through texture and sound, which weaves  muscular percussion, boisterous beats and bold melodies with Dar’s popping, bubbling vocal instrumentation and captivating alien-rap. A welcome opportunity for movers and shakers to break beyond their four to the floor comfort zones, Gigi’s’ mesmeric hooks, dirty drops and serpentine rhythms engage ears then bodies in a sonic seduction that is unexpected, undeniable and eventually euphoric.

Stream ‘Gigi’ by Johny Dar below

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Johny Dar moved to Los Angeles in 1997 to study fashion, launching his first fashion label in 1999, and has been producing timeless collections ever since. In 2002 he took a hiatus from his thriving career to travel, study different cultures and traditions, and break away from the known. This developed his unique artistic style, which he sees as the fruit of his exploration and culmination of his experience, and which forms the heart of his work in every medium he engages. His passion for originality is evident in every aspect of his work, from paintings to light installations, prints, couture, illustration, sportswear and music.

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