8Kays releases live performance video from Kharkiv Philharmonic building in Ukraine

Ukrainian producer, DJ, and events promoter Irina Shvydka, AKA 8Kays, has released a special recording of a live performance taped shortly before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Known for her progressive and deep house productions, Shvydka has released music on prolific labels such as Toolroom, Afterlife, and Bedrock. The performance, staged in collaboration with events company TIME:CODE and Kharkiv’s Basanta Music Company, was recorded at the Kharkiv Philharmonic building in Ukraine on January 24th, one month before the start of the war. Shvydka and TIME:CODE have released the video in order to raise awareness on the devastation of the war, and to raise funds for Kharkiv’s volunteer organisation. 

Speaking on the performance, Shvydka has said: “It’s getting super hard for me to acknowledge that the lives of millions of people have changed so immensely after Russia has escalated the war against the whole nation of Ukraine. I have lived my whole life in Kyiv. Kyiv is the city of my memories; it’s where I finished school, university and had my first performances. It’s a city full of my friends, my close people and my parents.” She continued, “but I’ve accepted to do my work. And, of course, I am happy to share this video, as we are launching the donation campaign to help Kharkiv people who need your support more than ever.”


Watch the performance below, and click here to donate.