15 Artistic Music Videos to Spark Your Inspiration

As we approach April, 2019 has already proved itself to be quite a chaotic, and overwhelming year for many of us. Whether individually, culturally or communally, we find ourselves in difficult states of being in tumultuous times; often finding an inability to take a moment and immerse ourselves in creativity.

The importance of art, music and film in our lives is monumental, and luckily for us continues to provide us spaces for expression, emotion and creativity. We thought we’d share some of our favourite music videos and tracks in this list, in an appreciation of some of the incredible music (and in turn, music videos) to grace us this year.

Below are 15 music videos to inspire your inner creativity!

Lifetime‘ – Yves Tumor

Like Water‘ – Christian Löffler (feat. Mohna)

Kingdom‘ – Maribou State (feat. North Downs)

Bots Don’t Cry‘ – Trevor Something

Far Out Dust‘ – Talos

Visitors‘ – Amy Ayanda

The Truth Is‘ – Chrysta Bell & David Lynch

Knapsack‘ – Geotic

We’ve Got To Try‘ – The Chemical Brothers

The Only Ones‘ – FARAH

Time Rider‘ – CHROMATICS

Who‘ – Modeselektor (feat. Tommy Cash)

Voicemail‘ – Poppy

Maybe You’re The Reason‘ – The Japanese House

ekki hugsa‘ – Ólafur Arnalds

We hope you enjoyed our list!

Let us know some for your favourite music videos from 2019 so far!

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