TP PODCAST #109: Hercules & Love Affair

When speaking with Andy Butler, better known as the creator of ever evolving electronic music act Hercules & Love Affair, you’ll find yourself struck by his cool, assured demeanour. He exudes a quiet strength, the same sort of turbulent romance you can hear in the DNA of the music he creates. What began by chance alongside frequent collaborator  ANOHNI, has become a name synonymous with a sort of queer beauty and volition that makes Hercules & Love Affair one of the most distinct acts on the dancefloor. In Amber, their latest album, Hercules & Love Affair venture into new territory sonically while returning to their roots with ANOHNI. Epic, awe-striking, and at times heartbreaking, In Amber is an album that has been simmering beneath the beats and synths of Butler’s discography for some time, finally forged for the world to hear. We had the honour of speaking with Andy about the origins of the album, and about how Andy, the boy from Denver, Colorado found the bravery to become Hercules. Listen below. 

Download and stream In Amber here.

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