Bloom Twins add a touch of dark-pop to Purple Disco Machine’s ‘Opposite Of Crazy’

Ukrain-born duo Bloom Twins are the latest guests to star on Purple Disco Machine’s new Exotica album. The twins feature on ‘Opposite Of Crazy’, a laid-back, synth-drenched pop track.

Currently based in the UK, the Bloom Twins have become popular in both fashion and music circles. Their striking looks and unique blend of dark-pop has seen them work alongside a host of artists including the likes of Diplo, Zhu, Elderbrook, Ben Bohmer, Laura Pergolizzi, Duran Duran, Seal, Nile Rodgers and Lenny Kravitz.

Their collaboration with Purple Disco Machine on ‘Opposite of Crazy’ is a nonchalant ode to the trials and tribulations of family life, delivered with velveteen vocals and a catchy chorus.

“Pump it up in your car to work, in your earphones on the train or even on your boombox and everything will seem less crazy or just the right crazy” the twins advise.

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