The Weatherdrive: Fans Can Now Access 900 Hours Of Andrew Weatherall Mixes

The joy and thrill is that I know we’re still far from complete. Andrew was so prolific and his era spanned radio rips onto cassette to mixtapes and CDRs through to early internet streaming radio and present day where all radio is streamed and full soundboards are available days after the gig.

Martin Brannagan
In a statement to Mixmag

Last week on Monday the 17th of February – the devastating news of acclaimed DJ & producer Andrew Weatherall‘s death broke the hearts of the entire music realm.

Weatherall is known as one of leading figures in the electronic music industry for over three decades: credited as one of the key DJs in the rise of acid house, along with his incredible production work with artists such Primal Scream, whose album ‘Screamadelica’ is considered iconic.

In honour of the late artist, fans have come together to freely share an enormous library of his mixes: with a whopping 900 hours of work by the producer available for all to download – standing at a massive 85GBs of files available. Entitled The Weatherdrive: the collection spans from 1988 to 2020, covering Weatherall’s career from age 25 up until his passing. In The Weatherdrive, fans can find live recordings, studio mixes, radio shows and even unreleased tracks. There is also access to various mixed media – such as press clippings, posters for events throughout the years and more.

Martin Brannagan, the fan who has presided over the creation of The Weatherdrive said in a further statement to Mixmag:

The last week of grief, reflection, love, honour and reminiscing of Andrew in our corner of the internet has also lead to a glut of people digging out their old tapes and working out getting them online...Our Guv’nor, The Chairman, Lord Sabre, Andrew Weatherall has left us. But what a legacy he has left us.

You can access The Weatherdrive here

Feature Image: Andrew Weatherall by John Barrett

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