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Nirvana win lawsuit against Nevermind album cover

Nirvana have won in the latest ongoing lawsuit between the band and Spencer Elden, who appeared as the famous naked baby on the cover of the band’s seminal album Nevermind. This was the third lawsuit pursued by Elden, who claims the album cover was an example of child pornography.  The

Amazon have launched an interesting new app called AMP. The app, which is only available to Amazon users in beta form, allows users to curate and stream their own live radio shows. Launched for aspiring radio hosts, with AMP, users are able to curate playlists, plan live talk segments ,

Amazon and Spotify are currently in the midst of a bidding war. The two streaming giants have reportedly both bid on London based podcast startup Audioboom. Both are currently exploring bids, and may lock in offers as soon as the end of this month, according to Sky News. Audioboom has

An independent rock band from the UK, The Pocket Gods, have announced plans to release an album that hacks Spotify’s royalties system. The album, called 1000×30 – Nobody Makes Money Anymore in reference to Spotify’s current royalties model, is designed as a commentary on Spotify’s business model which only registers

Manchester-based independent digital record label Ostereo has taken an innovative step towards addressing the class bias when it comes to job positions in the music industry. As of this month, the label has banned candidates from including where they went to school or university in their applications. The Ostereo label

The official bill has been passed, and with that the Nightlife director is born. The office will consist of a “nightlife director,” who will be appointed by the mayor, and a “nightlife advisory board” comprised of 12 members. The Consumer Affairs Committee and council voted in favour of the Office

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