Rrose Masters Their Craft In ‘Hymn To Moisture’ Splicing Techno & Drone In An Experimental Dance

Rrose | Hymn To Moisture | EAUX

Release Date: 8 November, 2019

Feature Image: Rrose by Robert Causari

In crafting a distinct musical style, an artist reflects intricate elements of the self; combining their innermost expression and outward personality into a cohesive auditory persona – their character expressed by individual sounds and how they function within the whole, soundscapes fashioned by narrative and intention. American artist, musician and producer Seth Horvitz has been a prominent figure in the techno world since the mid 90’s, passionately supporting his local scene; creating music, organising events and starting his own label Context Free Media – while fashioning his early musical identity under the moniker Sutekh. Weaving the idea of a persona into his music and exploring themes that include the way we as humans perceive ourselves and others, his next venture emerged in 2011; as his female persona Rrose.

Elusive and mysterious, fans wondered about the identity of Rrose; a moniker inspired by iconic dadaist Marcel Duchamp’s own female persona Rrose Selavy. Just like Duchamp, Rrose sprung as a muse for creativity – Horvitz has clarified Rrose is his alter ego – a persona breaking free from the constraints society places on us, allowing a vibrant freedom that brings the exploration of identity to the forefront which in itself is a powerful political statement. With the evolution of their musical identity, Rrose presents us with ‘Hymn To Moisture’, their solo ‘debut’ consisting of completely original material for the first time – boldly splicing genres and gleaming with personality.

Simmering with distortion ‘Columns’ sparks a bright vigor in it’s opening, undulating with an animated drumming pulse; focused in textural progression, the underlying heartbeat segues into a bold, heavy dance within the chest. The intertwining elements of dark techno and experimental drone exude an enigmatic aura, mesmerising and hypnotic in nature; static walls heave and dissolve amongst ominous chimes in closing.

Opening with an oscillating drizzle of subtle, echoic melody – ‘Horizon’ loops a virtual seascape, a gentle aura of filtered swells droning amongst lyrical arps. Virtual glitches accompany cyber chimes, layered conversations in a digital realm; extraterrestrial and atmospheric, an alien tone glimmers – reminiscent of soundtracks in science-fiction films.

Raining ambience introduces ‘Open Cell’, gestures of rolling bass nods cradle the midnight air of pounding techno; reverberating ominously between a tender textural fuzz. Elements of drone demonstrate the carefully crafted relationship between genres, distinct and bold – a spellbinding experimental feel underlying each track on ‘Hymn To Moisture’, Rrose’s vivid stun faithful to their unique character.

Hymn To Moisture’ demonstrates Rrose’s notable skill as they fashion a record filled with dynamic texture and tone; exploring a myriad of expressions while remaining cohesive and focused in their approach to their craft. ‘Hymn To Moisture’ stands out within the techno world with its rich charisma and captivating charm.

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