Dutch Music producer Donna Lugassy releases new EP

Singer-songwriter Donna Lugassy released her EP, Love & Breakups on 13th March via Lugassy Records. Lugassy was featured in the track, Take My Breath Away by VINAI and 22Bullets, and  Kittball Records’ Robosonic & Ferreck Dawn’s ‘Were There’ single. She has also contributed towards producer and DJ, Sidney Samson’s Deadly Zoo project under Spinnin’ Records, with both vocals and songwriting skills. Lugassy has been picked up by several tastemaker Youtube channels including Spinnin’ Records, MrRevillz, La Belle Musique, Basshall Movement, FunX and Tribal Trap, which has contributed towards her impressive play count of just under 4 million across streaming platforms. Having produced, composed and mixed the EP herself, Lugassy continues to impress. During the making of Love & Breakups, Lugassy predominantly listened to D’Angelo‘s Brown Sugar album. The syncopation of D’Angelo’s style is reflected throughout her album, while the maturity and deep, rich vocals of Beyoncé spring to mind. However, it’s the talent and dynamic stylings of SZA and Solange that one is reminded of as they listen to ‘Coldest’. The audio representation of the pattern that Donna Lugassy’s love life travels through, Love & Breakups also displays rhythmic vocal patterns that will leave the listener breathless in anticipation. Met with a warm embrace of sound at the start of the EP, Donna Lugassy allows her own smooth vocals to change like the seasons, ranging between warm, honeyed tones of affection in ‘Moonrise’  to the harsher wintry tones of ‘Break Up’. The listeners will catch a rare glimpse into a deeply intimate aspect of the artist’s life and ultimately find themselves rooting for her each step of the way in her journey.

Donna Lugassy tells us a little about each track from the EP, “In  ‘Moonrise’ there is the push & pull of first getting to know someone. Then ‘Coldest’ is the part where I have fallen for this person and I’m head over heels, thinking this is the one I need. ‘Nobody (loves like I do)’ is the part where there are beginning to show cracks in the relationship and I am so invested, letting the other person know I’m all in and would do anything for them. ‘How Bout You’ is about the other person not coming through for me, as I feel that they should have and false promises are getting too much. ‘Break Up’ is where I’m getting fed up with the bullshit and reject the other person, and get a real big attitude with them and then followed by ‘I wish’, where I feel like I made a mistake by breaking up with them and I have regrets on what I did, rejecting them. Then its usually a wrap and I start all over with a new person back at Moonrise… That’s when the next relationship is starting, to do everything all over again and repeat the pattern.”

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