REVIEW: Moiré – S.T.F.N

S.T.F.N is the latest track from Ninja Tune artist Moiré. The track comes as his first release since his Shelter EP, which came out last year. The track is taken from a forthcoming four track EP, ‘Gel‘ which is due for released in October. 

This is an EP that was written and crafted with the dance floor very much in mind, and S.T.F.N encapsulates that idea perfectly. It wastes no time in getting going a with pulsating kick drum, drawing you in immediately. The layered driving percussion is matched with a throbbing bass, with the entire track nodding towards disco, house and moody techno, all the while flowing almost effortlessly. Filtering synth melodies and stabs lend a hand in providing a real contrast in texture. The production is minimal and quite sparse in places, but remains atmospheric throughout, sustaining the entire record. 

With this EP, Moiré has only enhanced his already stellar reputation. He seems to have kept his audience in mind throughout and as a result has sculpted and created something special based on that; something which is definitely to be applauded. Whilst there is little pushing of any boundaries in terms of the production on this, you get the feeling that was kind of the whole point.  If nothing else you’ve found your Saturday night record for the next few months.

Words by Joseph Docherty

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