Project Pablo Explores The Realm Of Left-Field Textural Electronics in ‘Inside Unsolved’

Project Pablo | Inside Unsolved | Spectral Sound

Release Date: 1 November, 2019

Feature Image: Patrick Holland / Project Pablo by Rebecca Storm

Labelling a genre simply as ‘dance music’ stands as an umbrella term; an experience vaguely defined by expectations of what we experience within the club world. However, in reality when it comes to the electronic scene, it’s difficult to define artists, producers and DJs within the umbrella – as the threads that weave it together boast genres within genres – experimentation and playfulness, personality and a certain willingness to explore new styles while remaining true to the self. Vancouver born DJ, musician and producer Patrick Holland – known under his solo moniker Project Pablo – embraces the wide realm of what it means to create electronic music, with an enthusiastic approach to playing with mood and tone, melodies and textures; branching from introspective and personal to club-ready peaks. Returning with his latest venture ‘Inside Unsolved’, Holland once again explores the possibilities of left-field electronics, blending atmosphere and lyrical timbres through his unique perspective.

Opening track ‘The Solution’ kicks off with pumping blood in the veins; the animation of the 4/4 beat pounding within the chambers of the heart, energetic and textural in progression. Playful percussion dances alongside the tech-house bass, a simmering punch in timbre singing amongst a determined tempo; jumps and claps swirling with synth-lines in a vibrant bid for the dancefloor spotlight. Self-assured in tone and direction, Holland sculpts buoyant layers of melody into an exciting lucid atmosphere.

Pressure No Impact’ entertains a bold introduction in the percussive; powerful claps and striking beats cradle a confident bassline, showcasing a tone upbeat yet light – the deep thump of submerged bass morphing into curious synth swells and textural melodies, catchy hooks shimmering with a tender emotive tone and ambient undulations. Fresh and feathery yet still grounded with direction, ‘Pressure No Impact’ swirls with rosy waves of timbre and reflective moments, animated effortlessly with texture.

Inside Unsolved’ explores the world of textural electronics and melodic synth-lines encompassed in the luminosity of a club-setting; the atmospheric mix of techno and deep house showcasing Project Pablo’s signature style as he reflects on his own experiences in the Canadian dance scene while projecting his inspiration through his own lens.

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