Oneohtrix Point Never – Animals (Director’s Cut)

‘Animals’ is taken from Oneohtrix Point Never’s latest album ‘Garden Of Delete,’ out now on Warp Records. G.O.D. is made with a huge amount of nostalgia/retrospective (in fact most of Lopatin’s songs are made with this spaced out atmosphere). This unusual aspect ratio makes the listener feel dazed and contemplative – exactly like ambient music should do. The short visual sequence (showing the ageing Hollywood heartthrob Val Kilmer in his luxury abode), is simple yet striking, if you imagine it in a gallery setting (it was actually premiered for the first time at ONP’s exhibition in New York).

The video for “Animals” is now available for eyes worldwide. This sombre track featuring Kanye West-esque turgid, robotic synsthesised vocals on loop (which gets slightly grating halfway in to be honest), is a highlight of last year’s Garden of Delete, and its video matches the track’s deceptively placid, curiously unsettling aesthetic. The general setup, conceived by Lopatin and director Rick Alverson, is simple: Val Kilmer is filmed listening to “Animals.”

Watch the video below:


Oneohtrix Point Never – Animals (Director’s Cut) OneohtrixVEVO

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Val Kilmer

Directed & Edited by Rick Alverson
Story by Daniel Lopatin & Rick Alverson