Zeb Samuels and Kiko Continentino stumble on serendipity in new song

Earlier this year, label head and musician Zeb Samuels released his project Cosmic Vibrations Vol.3, which features a wide range of creatives from Lapalux to Synkro. Little time has passed between then and now, but somewhere between signing artists and releasing an album–maybe before or maybe after its debut–the London-based producer found a moment to reach out to Brazilian composer Kiko Continentino. At the time, Kiko was on tour as a member of the jazz-funk trio Azymuth.

Stream / Download: ‘About That Time’

The timing was right indeed: Kiko made a stop at Zeb’s home recording studio, where he laid down some improvisational chords that would later become the central feature of their new song ‘About That Time’. As musicians are well aware, nothing goes according to plan in the studio. “Originally, it was meant to be just a short improvisation I wanted to capture at the end of the record,” said Samuels. “I was so blown away by his recording takes that I just knew in my heart that Kiko’s stem needed to be the lead of the recording.” As Zeb knows, a change in creative direction can inspire something new, something gratifying.

Listen to Zeb Samuels and Kiko Continentino’s single ‘About That Time’ below:

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Image credit: Daniel Blenman