Neguim Beats releases stunning ‘Rare Est.1993 Vol.1’

Admittedly, Neguim Beats isn’t a household name, but we found this gem today and we knew this had to be posted. Meshing various influences, although rooted in hip hop if this had to be put into a category, it feels like an experimental take on trap music that manages to have a simultaneously old school and modern feel at the same time.

It’s the type of track old school hip hop heads will rejoice about, experimental-heads will appreciate immensely, and everyone else will simply just sit back, listen, and enjoy. It’s unique blend of jazz, hip hop, and electronic music is a marvel, and it’d be a shame to miss out on the release because of it’s syrupy bpm and rolling

Check out ‘Rare Est.1993 Vol.1’ below, along with a recently released video called ‘Another.’Purchase the entire EP via Bandcamp.

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